Fair Wages

Fair Wages

It’s you the City of Calgary counts on to deliver critical services. It’s you who shows up every day to keep our city running. And it’s you who deserves fair treatment.

But even as the cost of living skyrockets, the City of Calgary refuses to see the worth of CUPE 38 members. Time and time again, they refuse to bring a fair deal to the bargaining table.

Now it’s up to us to tell City of Calgary decision-makers that our work is essential and that a fair deal is the only way to prevent a strike.

With Stampede season right around the corner, the timing couldn’t be worse for a strike. That’s the message we’re sending in an ad campaign launched on June 10. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for ads all around Calgary.

We’re in a powerful position to show our value, and this campaign is something we can all be proud of. Now more than ever, standing strong and holding our ground is important. We know our worth, and together, we can make it loud and clear that we won’t be undervalued. 

Together, let’s make our voices loud and clear: City Hall counts on us, and we’re counting on fair pay to keep Calgary running.

Send a message to City Hall to demand fair pay for CUPE 38 members.