About Us

Who We Represent

CUPE Local 38, the Canadian Union of Public Employees representing municipal employees in Calgary is a cornerstone of advocacy and support for over 5,000 dedicated members. Our union proudly represents a diverse array of professionals, including administrative staff, parks and recreation workers, maintenance personnel, and more. These individuals are essential to providing the services that Calgarians rely on, working tirelessly to ensure the smooth functioning of essential services that form the backbone of our community.

From managing administrative tasks crucial to the efficient operation of city departments to maintaining parks and recreational facilities that promote health, well-being, and community engagement, CUPE 38 members play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for all Calgarians. They are the ones who answer 311 calls, and help keep our public spaces safe, and our infrastructure well-maintained. Their dedication and hard work contribute directly to the vibrancy and strength of our city.

At CUPE 38, we understand the importance of strong public services in building and sustaining thriving communities. A well-functioning municipality relies on the collective efforts of its workforce to deliver essential services efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s ensuring access to clean water, providing reliable public transportation, or maintaining community centers where residents can gather and connect, the work of our members is integral to the fabric of Calgary.

Moreover, strong public services not only meet the immediate needs of residents but also contribute to long-term economic prosperity and social cohesion. They attract businesses, support local economies, and foster a sense of belonging and pride among citizens. 

CUPE 38 is committed to advocating for the rights and interests of our members, who are at the forefront of delivering these essential services. We strive to create a fair and respectful working environment that values their contributions and ensures their well-being. Through solidarity, advocacy, and collaboration, we work to strengthen our union, our workforce, and our community, reflecting the diverse values and aspirations of our membership while building a stronger, more resilient Calgary for generations to come.

Areas Our Members Are Proud to Serve

24-hour Traffic Management Centre

Calgary Municipal Workers maintain and analyze 1,100 traffic signals, collecting data to improve the efficiency of traffic flow.

Animal Health Services

Calgary Municipal Workers support the programs that reunite lost pets with their owners, educate Calgarian pet owners on the City Bylaws, and aim for positive interaction between pet owners and the public.

Bridge Inspectors

Bridge Inspectors ensure all bridges in the City of Calgary are tested for safety and structural integrity.

City Detours

City Detours has Technicians that ensure a safe and easy flow of access to City streets for events such as the Stampede Parade, Movie Locations, Festivals and Events (eg. Lilac Festival, SunFest, etc).

City Owned and Operated Golf Courses

City-owned and operated Golf Courses allows for affordable access to golf for all Calgarians.

Community Liaisons

Community Liaisons work with Community Associations and community groups to ensure they have access and communication with required areas of City operations. They often act as advocates for these organizations within the City system.

Festivals and Events

Calgary Municipal Workers support the city through event services. Festivals and events are an integral part of leisure for Calgarians, and we are proud to assist the city through planning processes, permits, and more.

Park Education Programs

Calgary Municipal Worker naturalists provide programming for Calgarians and schools. Calgary’s park system is extensive, with 1,000 km of pathways,96 km of trails, and more than 10,000 hectares of parkland and public green spaces.

Safety Codes Officers and Development Inspectors

Safety Codes Officers and Development Inspectors are responsible for the safety of Calgarians by ensuring compliance with Alberta Building Codes and Safety Bylaws.